businessOne very important aspect of starting a successful small business is surviving the first year it opens. Research has shown that most small businesses don’t make it past their first year. The most difficult part of ensuring that a company endures the start up blues is paying close attention to its finances. A small business loan can really be a lifesaver for the small business owner.

Small business loans are not too difficult to get if a person has a good credit score. Banks are in business because people not only want to keep their money safe, but also to loan money and make money on interest charged. There are also various types of loans available to suit your request. For example, you could acquire an equipment loan to be able to purchase the necessary equipment you need for your business right away.

When going to a bank to request a small business loan a person should get all their ducks in a row. For example; take all the material pertaining to the business into the bank to show the loan officer that the person starting the business has put in a lot of time and work to make sure the business will be successful. This could include things such as business cards, advertisement articles in a newspaper, photos of previous work done and a well laid out plan for success.

Grants are another great way to get help when starting a small business. However; while they are a better way to get money they are usually harder to come by than small business loans. A grant is money given to a business, company, or person for a specific reason. Most grants are given by the government as an incentive for people to start new businesses or work on ideas that have good potential and will help the community in which they exist or even perhaps the country in some way. Here again when petitioning an entity for a grant the grant giver most always likes to see that the person requesting the grant has a well thought out plan in place and that they know exactly what they are doing, or plan to accomplish by starting a new business.

credit It is also a good idea to keep in mind that most all equipment, even company vehicles, can be used as a tax write-off if the business owner can show that the equipment is being used primarily for the business. The old slogan a penny saved is a penny earned fits the tax write-off subject well. However; write-offs do not put food on the table of the business, sort of speak, when it needs money more than anything else.